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Nomad Gaming

A mobile gaming retailer serving Litchfield and Berkshire Counties.

I have been a gamer for my entire life. I've played, bought and sold all sorts of games - primarily tabletop, roleplaying, and card games. Although I enjoy video games too, I have a special affinity for non-electronic games. My love of games has led me to write my own roleplaying game system which was nominated for an award in 2013. I also continue to learn and play new games all the time.

Living in the the Berkshires (CT portion), it has been difficult to find vendors who sell games or set up specialty events like Magic the Gathering (MTG). Early in 2013, my wife and I decided to ease in to the game vendor waters. I started to set up MTG events in the summer, and seeing the success of these free "learn to play" events, decided to continue our plan to bring gaming to the community. Our next step was to set up open MTG events on Friday nights (Friday Night Magic) and to work with local public and private schools to run events in their locations.

In the spring of 2014, we plan to purchase a mobile trailer to expand on the retail portion of the business. We'll use this trailer to bring further gaming product (other CCGs and roleplaying games) to local towns, fairs, and flea markets.

Our eventual goal is to open up a retail store somewhere in the Litchfield or Berkshire counties. We hope that this slow, organic growth of community immersion will provide us with a starter base of customers so that a brick and mortar store can survive and thrive.

Thom Wilson, Founder of Throwigames LLC and Nomad Gaming