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Nomad Gaming

A mobile gaming retailer serving Litchfield and Berkshire Counties.

Friday Casual

Casual events are those that are held in a public place and can be attended by anyone in the community.

Casual Magic on Friday Nights takes place one to two times per month at David M Hunt library (Falls Village CT) and is open to the public. This is a free event - players bring their own decks (of any format) to play with against other players. Players play against anyone they want (no tournament event) and there are no prizes. This casual event is for fun and to test out new or old decks/formats.

Special Events

Pre-Release or Release Weekend events are organized around Wizards of the Coast's new MTG releases. Players entered in pre-release or release weekend tournaments receive 5-6 booster packs of brand new cards for that release and must play with those cards only. The entry fee for this event is $20 or $25 and will consist of at least 3 rounds of play before a winner is declared. Note that the number of booster packs and entry fee vary by event. Check the event schedule for details. Note that the cost of the event is higher than other open events because the players get to keep the cards they receive at the event.

Other events for non-MTG games will occur occasionally - watch the calendar on the events page for details.

Note: Nomad Gaming events are not considered "official" events (registered with Wizards of the Coast, requiring a DCI card). Official events can only be played in a brick-and-mortar store; Nomad Gaming is a mobile event organizer without a physical store so our events cannot be officially entered in Wizard's system.

Event Types - Detail
Casual Magic - Open All formats Players bring Standard, Commander, Tiny Leaders, and Modern decks FREE Entry
Friday Night Magic - Open Constructed, 3-5 round Swiss Players bring 60+ card deck, Type 2 only $5 entry fee
Pre-release / Release - Open Limited, 3-5 round Swiss Players build 40 card deck, New cards only (no need to bring cards) $20-25 entry fee (you keep the cards)
Booster Draft - Open Limited, 3-5 round Swiss Players build 40 card deck with the cards from the draft $15 entry fee (you keep the cards)