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School Cup Events

Schools, both public and private, can register each season for the MTG School Cup. A monthly/quarterly MTG event takes place at the school and is available only to the students from that school. Each registered player from that school earns points at each event throughout the year. At the end of the school season, the top players from each school will play in an end of year tournament. The winning player wins the School Cup for their school (there will be an individual prize for the player, but a plaque/trophy will be awarded to the winning player's school). The School Cup season begins in October and ends before any of the enrolled schools end.

School Cup events will either be standard events (players bring their own 60 card deck for a 3-5 round Swiss), or a special pre-release event coinciding with new card releases. Participation in both event types will earn the student points towards the end of year tournament. For the monthly standard event, the entry fee is waived. Pre-release events will cost $20 for the cards and tournament play.

Schools must have at least 8 players signed up for events - a swiss-style tournament is difficult to run with less than 8 students. Optimal student numbers for events are from 16 to 32.

Note: Nomad Gaming events are not considered "official" events (registered with Wizards of the Coast, requiring a DCI card). Official events can only be played in a brick-and-mortar store; Nomad Gaming is a mobile event organizer without a physical store so our events cannot be officially entered in Wizard's system.

Event Types - Detail
Monthly MTG - School Cup Constructed, 3-5 round Swiss Players bring 60+ card deck, Type 2 only FREE to play
Pre-release - School Cup Limited, 3-5 round Swiss Players build 40 card deck, New cards only $20 entry fee